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From time to time it becomes necessary to reassess where the orchid obsession can go. We believe that white Phalaenopsis have had a good run, but there are thousands of other kinds of orchids that put on quite a show and we're aiming to supply those in wholesale quantities. Think Vandas that bloom well in 4 inch pots and don't require a lot of extra warmth, Cattleyas with marvelous fragrance that bloom for Mother's Day and while they only last about three weeks, it's a glorious three weeks.


Feel free to peruse the links below to see "Out of bloom," "samples." "Odont types," "ladyslippers" and so on, some of these are still available but we'll be updating this site over the next few months to reflect better what we'll be putting on offer and toward which we'll be moving for the near future. Cheers!


Three of our plants that were awarded in 2013.


Vanda tricolor var. suavis 'Bali Bottlerocket', AM/AOS


Cattleya mossiae 'Peachy Blue', AM/AOS



Vanda barnesii, yes, named for me; seedlings in the lab. This is the type specimen for the species, which was awarded the Certificate of Horticultural Merit in 2013.


We'll have seedlings of these species and hybrids made from them in a few years. All bloom for Mother's Day!


Oh, and the fragrant Vanda Chill Out will be in first pots in a couple of months!



IN THIS ECONOMY, the obvious question is whether orchids are a necessity. The answer is first, yes, the beauty that uplifts you is essential - a ten minute vacation spent gazing upon a flower.... Secondly, the answer is a question: "Do you not deserve a moment of rare grace every day - and if not you, then who on earth does?"

Every day, as we ship out orchids, the question is, "Will this flower help make a world more like the one we'd like to live in?" When the answer is an obvious "yes", we send that plant out.


Sample orchid photographs




A note on the photographs: all are copyright Carson Barnes, usable by permission; high quality photo prints are available of many seen here, and many more not seen. Prices for archival prints start at $50.00. Inquire.

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